Kangirsuk girl recovering from dog attack

Village destroys four dogs owned by elder


A young Kangirsuk girl is recovering in Montreal hospital this week after she was attacked by dogs on her way home from school Dec. 13.

The six-year-old was walking home from school when four loose huskies approached her and started to bite her, said Minnie Abraham, municipal manager for the northern village of Kangirsuk.

A witness scared the dogs away, and the girl was medevaced to Montreal Children’s Hospital, where she is in serious but stable condition.

“She’s recovering now, but she was very close to death,” Abraham said.

Stray dogs are an continuous problem in the community, community leaders say.

A municipal by-law requires owners to restrain their dogs to prevent them from wondering through town.

“People need to tie up their dogs,” Abraham said. “Unfortunately, owners only take responsibility when something like this happens.”

The four dogs belonged to a respected elder in the community, Abraham added.

But all animals were immediately destroyed and their heads have been sent south to be tested for infectious diseases.

The municipal also hired two dog catchers the same day, who have been culling stray dogs in Kangirsuk since the attack.

Culls typically happen a few times a year when the stray dog population in the village becomes noticeable.

This most recent attack hit a nerve for Abraham, who lost her cousin to another dog attack in the village in the 1970s.

A Kativik Regional Police Force investigation is underway.

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