New Churchill-Hudson Bay Bishop ready to tour Nunavut

First task is to visit all communities


Bishop Anthony Wieslaw Krótki in a photo taken when he was known as Father Tony. (FILE IMAGE)

Bishop Anthony Wieslaw Krótki in a photo taken when he was known as Father Tony. (FILE IMAGE)

As his first priority as bishop of the Churchill-Hudson Bay diocese, Canada’s largest Roman Catholic diocese, Bishop Anthony Krótki — to be known in Nunavut as Bishop Tony — says his first priority will be to meet with Catholics in all 17 parishes and missions throughout Nunavut and northern Manitoba.

Ordained as bishop May 30 in Rankin Inlet, Krótki will take up residence in at the headquarters of the Churchill-Hudson Bay diocese in Churchill, Manitoba this month. He succeeds Reynald Rouleau, who served in the position for 25 years.

Krótki expects that most of his work will involve travel throughout Nunavut, to all 16 communities where the Roman Catholic Church has a base.

“This first year will be very important for me to go to as many missions as possible to introduce myself,” he told Nunatsiaq News.

First on his agenda: a visit to Arviat.

Since his arrival to the North in 1991, communities have changed due to their ever-growing populations, accelerating pace of life and environmental changes, Krótki said.

“Everyone who lives in the North has to adapt themselves,” said Krótki, who has served a priest in Igloolik and Gjoa Haven during his 22 years of work in the Arctic.

“Will we see a natural change? Perhaps not for the people who were born here, raised here for generations. That change could affect them much greater than anybody else.”

Krótki recalled that Igloolik looks different today that it did in 199 1when vehicles were once scarce. Now cars and trucks now rush through the streets in great numbers, he said.

“When I moved back to Igloolik in 2001, I couldn’t cross the street. There was traffic all the time. I couldn’t believe it,” said Krotki.

“Many other changes have happened on a human level too,” he added. “Those are the changes that I want to understand the most.”

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