Heartfelt thanks from Bishop Krótki

With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation


To the people of Rankin Inlet and other communities and to everyone anticipating in preparation and organizing of the ordination event.

With continued gratitude and thanksgiving on behalf of the diocese I would like to express my sincere thank you for tremendous work, involvement and support in so many ways, in organizing and preparing the Celebration of Ordination on May 30, 2013.

I thank you on behalf of the diocese and the delegates and others as you were warmly welcoming 150 guests arriving from different parts of the world and from many Nunavut communities. You have welcomed 70 delegates representing Nunavut communities.

For organizing wonderful tours for the guests in such a limited time, stretching your ability and dedication to the limits and yet doing it with joy and generosity, I thank you. Your community showed the spirit of love and spirit of outstanding friendship of working together, giving opportunity to know you better and appreciate more.

The spiritual event of God’s Grace through my ordination as we have experienced was at the same time a moment of encouragement for community growth and communion with each other outreaching neighbors, friends even strangers in an atmosphere of love and respect.

Thank you so much for tremendous dedication to make us all feel at home in God’s house inspiring us with arts and symbols representing life of our faith and the life of the people of the North.

It was a time of singing and praying, a time of seeing friends and making new friends, a time of sharing the meal and feeding each other and a time of hope. It all came together in few days for which I am thankful to each one of you.

For so many of us it was a lifetime experience and thank you for contributing your time and your gifts to make it more beautiful and spiritual at the same time.

I pray that the joy and the blessings we lived through together in Rankin on May 30 will continue and that it will encourage us to walk together on our faith journey.

With my sincere and humble prayers,

May the Lord Jesus and Our Mother Mary bless you, your families and all the families in Nunavut.

Anthony Wieslaw Krótki O.M.I.
Bishop of Churchill-Hudson Bay

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