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LETTERS: Iqaluit April 27, 2010 - 3:44 pm

Worst Iqaluit roads in 53 years?


This community has just gone through a period where we’ve had the worst road conditions I’ve seen in my 53 years of living here.

The apparent new policy of leaving a ridge of ice and snow in the center of these already narrow roads is very dangerous, to say nothing of the huge rocks that lie hidden under the snow

The question of why vast sums of money where spent paving the roads of the tiny community of Apex, while at the same time neglecting the heavy traffic areas downtown is a mystery and a very costly one at that.

The wear and tear on vehicles alone has cost the taxpayers of this town a lot of money. The deterioration of the roads is not a new phenomenon — it has been underway for many years.

A major factor in this crisis is the lack of ditches to carry away runoff water. Again, this is not a new problem, but for some reason the city’s engineers have failed to deal with this obvious  situation, and the roads continue to require vast sums of money to maintain their already poor state.

Huge trucks, fully loaded, cause a lot of the problems. So does the City of Iqaluit’s  scorched earth policy, which means scraping every last flake of snow off roadsides and in particular, the Apex Road.

Over the years people have attempted to establish some vegetation to counter the unsightly, dusty, ugly edges of our roads. The city, over time, has invested money to provide grass seeds and other vegetation to enhance the the appearance of this barren looking community.

What we see now are huge earth moving machines scraping every scrap of snow and vegetation from the side of the roads.

All they have to do is raise the blade one foot  Not only  is this contributing to our serious dust problem,but it also deprives snowmobile users from easy access around the community.

They do have rights. Snowmobiles are an essential means of transport for many people. 

This community recently elected a new council with some new blood, hopefully with some new ideas and the energy to  them put into effect. They need to take a long look at the future for this city.

They have a huge responsibility to lead towards Iqaluit becoming a healthy, well planned, growing city, and show the rest of Canada that we are  under good management.

Bryan Pearson 

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