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NEWS: Nunavut August 08, 2017 - 11:45 am

Western Nunavut town seeks parental help to reduce youth vandalism

"Talk to your children about vandalism"

Expensive and difficult to clean up: waste oil in a drainage ditch near the site of a 2013 spill on the property of Kitnuna Corp. in Cambridge Bay, which occurred after some teenage vandals left a valve open. (FILE PHOTO)
Expensive and difficult to clean up: waste oil in a drainage ditch near the site of a 2013 spill on the property of Kitnuna Corp. in Cambridge Bay, which occurred after some teenage vandals left a valve open. (FILE PHOTO)

The Municipality of Cambridge Bay wants parents to help stop the latest wave of costly vandalism in this western Nunavut community of about 1,700 people.

“Please talk to your children about vandalism in town. There have been numerous incidents in the community in the past 2 weeks that have been expensive and have lead to environmental issues,” the municipality said an open letter posted to Facebook.

The letter urged parents to speak to their children so that they learn to respect private property and the land.

“Please also let them know that all the money we use to clean up these incidents leaves less money to put in the areas we want to put it into, like parks and recreation,” the letter said.

“And please let them know they can help by telling us if they see someone committing vandalism.”

Sources in the community told Nunatsiaq News that a group of youth—some who are quite young—are thought to be responsible for several recent incidents, including a spill of an estimated 13,000 litres of a dust control chemical, EK35, worth about $260,000, at the Cambridge Bay airport reported to police July 26.

The chemical is not considered hazardous, but crews still had to work to keep the spill from reaching the bay.

A mention of another spill, near the North Warning Station’s tank farm, also cropped up on Facebook in late July.

“Too many valves are being opened at different locations,” Cambridge Bay Mayor Jeannie Ehaloak said in a comment when the open letter to parents was first posted to the Cambridge Bay News Facebook page last week.

“This has become an environmental hazard.”

Another post from a woman asked whether the town planned to hire a bylaw officer to work at night, but Ehaloak said such a part-time position has been hard to fill.

“It’s time to work as a community and look out for each other,” Ehaloak said.

It’s not the first time that youth vandalism has led to a spill in Cambridge Bay.

In 2013, some teenagers turned on the valve on a container, which held up about 11,000 litres of waste oil—and then walked away—leading to a massive cleanup effort.

Residents who see acts of vandalism in Cambridge Bay or who have information to share about the recent dust suppressant spill can call the RCMP detachment at 867-983-0123.

Tips can also be provided anonymously at Crimestoppers by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or online here.

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(9) Comments:

#1. Posted by good luck on August 08, 2017

Good luck with that. Vandalism by kids is a problem in every single Nunavut hamlet. The kids are bored, and have been raised without discipline or parental supervision. They have no respect and never will, especially when their actions won’t impact them in any way.

#2. Posted by Duh! on August 08, 2017

Put a padlock on the valves!

#3. Posted by Questions? on August 08, 2017

I have a couple of questions that I need to ask.

Has anyone ever asked the question of what it means to have pride in oneself and in their community? Cause I know that I have never had this conversation growing up.

Are these acts of vandalism is a form of anger?

As I don’t live in Cam Bay… what is being vandalized? Was the dust control chemical stored outside? or was this stored in a locked or secured building? 

Comment #1 - you seem angry yourself and like you have given up. This type of attitude doesn’t help. Complaining about it without a solution is just adding to the negativity.

#4. Posted by tuktuborel on August 08, 2017

I agree with most of the article and would like to add that business and GN have to take greater effort in securing their assets. The days of leaving drums full of fuel and other product unsecured are over and really is very irresponsible. Everyone has a part to play in improving this community and others. I would further suggest that the use of surveillance cameras for both private and business would be very helpful.

#5. Posted by Cambay on August 08, 2017

Its the same few kids doing the destruction.  Take them from their useless parents and send them south. Its not hard to fix. These kids have been taken from their useless parents nany times and the destruction stops.  Then.  Useless family services here in cambay gives them back. Destruction starts all over. These kids are jyst unhappy because of the useless lives their parents provide for them.  I would destroy stuff too.  Wake up you useless people. Look after your kids. And you 85% of imcome support losers here in the bay are more than capable of working. You say theres no work.  Boo hoo.  Theres plenty. Your just lazy and dont want to work.

#6. Posted by Cambay on August 08, 2017

Forgot to add. If your last name sounds like. I never look. Your are right you dont look after anything. especially your kids. Totally horrible family life style. Big capital L forsure.  Cap L is for loser incase you didnt get that.

#7. Posted by Gee Whizz on August 08, 2017

It is very sad when vandalism by kids happens in any community, the poor children are lashing out because they do not have an adult telling them what is right or what is wrong.
We as a community have to start looking after our children, if the parents are unable to, then Social Services should be involved, otherwise, we as parents should start looking for programs where kids of any age can be involved in staying away from vandalism.
# 5 Let’s not only blame the useless parents, lets start a baseball League, any type of Sports, even going for short walks out on the Tundra for Heather tea would make a child happy. Whatever happened to Girl Guides/Boy Scouts programs-oh yeah it was run by the white people in our communities-they did not resort to angry comments like yours. Wake up Nunavutmiut and help kids in need of a happy normal life!

#8. Posted by saunders on August 11, 2017

I agree with command #7. Don’t just blame the kids! Wake people and start communicating with each other! Wake up whole Inuit communities

#9. Posted by Get the Facts on August 11, 2017

The spill was NOT at the airport but near the new Community Tank Farm. Please fact check before printing story. It would be nice to get a correction.

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