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NEWS: Nunavut January 10, 2017 - 7:00 am

Trudeau’s cross-Canada tour might include northern stops

Prime Minister's Office "currently working to make that happen"

Sophie Grégoire, the wife of Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, Trudeau, holding his youngest child Hadrien, and Liberal candidate Hunter Tootoo walk into Iqaluit's Rotary Park during Trudeau's last visit to Iqaluit Oct. 10. (PHOTO BY STEVE DUCHARME)
Sophie Grégoire, the wife of Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, Trudeau, holding his youngest child Hadrien, and Liberal candidate Hunter Tootoo walk into Iqaluit's Rotary Park during Trudeau's last visit to Iqaluit Oct. 10. (PHOTO BY STEVE DUCHARME)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hoping to reconnect with Canadians during a town-hall style tour of the country in the coming weeks and that tour may include stops in the North.

“We are hoping to include the North in the Prime Minister’s upcoming tour, and are currently working to make that happen,” read a Jan. 9 email from the Prime Minister’s Office. “Details will be confirmed later on.”

Maclean’s magazine reported on the tour Jan. 7, suggesting then that Trudeau was attempting to regain support from average Canadians after recent reports of questionable pay-for-access Liberal fundraising tactics and hobnobbing with affluent donors.

The PMO confirmed that the tour will include Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and the Prairies with a “mix of town hall-style venues, coffee shops, church basements,” the email said.

“We see this tour as part of a concerted effort to remain connected to Canadians, at home in their communities. The Prime Minister wants to hear from them on how they are feeling at the start of 2017, what their concerns and anxieties are, and what we can do to help alleviate that.”

Details and dates of the tour have not yet been released but Maclean’s is reporting the tour is expected to start at end of next week.

Trudeau last visited Iqaluit in October 2015 during a pre-election campaign stop to promote Liberal candidate Hunter Tootoo.

Tootoo later quit the cabinet and the Liberal caucus over an “inappropriate” relationship with a junior staffer and entered addictions treatment. Still the MP for Nunavut, Tootoo now sits as an Independent in the House of Commons.

Trudeau and United States President Barack Obama issued a joint announcement on Arctic issues just before Christmas on Dec. 20, promising, among other things, an “indefinite” moratorium on future offshore oil and gas exploration licences in the U.S. and the Canadian Arctic.

Details on Trudeau’s potential January stops in the Arctic have not yet been finalized, but the Prime Minister would be expected to field questions about that decision, and others, contained in the Dec. 20 announcement.

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(17) Comments:

#1. Posted by Look past your fingers on January 10, 2017

Would somebody please tell Ottawa,
Iqaluit, Rankin and Cambridge are not the north, they’re only part of the north.
Would be nice to see VIPs/ dignitarians visit other communities, other wise it’s same old, same old. Spread the money spent to other communities MR. prime minister.

#2. Posted by VOTER on January 10, 2017

Is this man ever at work

#3. Posted by ForeverAmazed on January 10, 2017

Agree with #1. 

Also, regarding weather reports on CBC National News, please let the Weather Network know that Canada has a third coast and there are Canadians living above the 60th parallel.  Too many times, the weather map never gets above the 60th parallel.

#4. Posted by Rankiner on January 10, 2017

he should pay the hotel expense travel and buy food here see who the middle class really are…

#5. Posted by Polarbear on January 10, 2017

I hope Trudeau will come to Iqaluit, it would be in the best interest of Nunavut if Trudeau and Hunter Tootoo can take the time to work out their issues so that Hunter can finally go back into cabinet.

#6. Posted by Kivallirmiut on January 10, 2017

“We are hoping to include the north”
That line is so ancient that it no longer surprises me when the Canadian so called government abandons us. What is the Canadian government doing to include the north with the rest of the country? Not enough, and it will never be enough if politicians continue to turn a blind eye and turn away from us! A visit Sure life has improved over the years, but at least 60% of the Inuit population continue to live in poverty! A visit to listen to “what their concerns and anxieties are, and what we can do to help alleviate that.” could be a start. . . but keep in mind that Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet and Cambridge Bay are not the north, they are a part of it. More funds are available to these communities so they may look like life is half decent, include the smaller isolated communities and make a genuine effort to start a collaboration with the Inuit to bring us out of poverty!

#7. Posted by Amaruq on January 10, 2017

come and visit the Fish/Meat Plant since our demands are mainly “Country Food”. Go shopping at our local stores as well, see how expensive it is to shop in the north or even visit some local homes..since we deal with housing issues….rather then giving him a gift - sealskin mittens, let him have a taste of our finest country food - frozen, raw…hehe.

#8. Posted by Kanayuq on January 10, 2017

The North is Always An INTEREST to Stakeholders yet Nothing is ever done, we just repeats ourselves like a broken record.

#9. Posted by Voter on January 10, 2017

The Prime Minister cannot be everywhere, but what about representatives and POSITIVE feedbacks. Let’s support our leaders and give constructive input instead of negative grumblings. Liberals, Conservative, etc. - whatever.
Yes, Mr. Prime Minister there are many places in Canada that are fading from the map as well as our Canadian people. Please listen to all of us.
A note of concern to the above comments: put out suggestions that are based on positive thought not negative nibbling.

#10. Posted by Iqaluit resident on January 10, 2017

I hope everyone understands how many millions of dollars of tax payers money this is going take

#11. Posted by betty on January 10, 2017

hey #5 polar bear.
hunter is toast. he is no longer a liberal, he will not go back to liberal, they dont want him, he will most definately no go back to cabinet.
What id like to see is Hunter visit every nunavut community and find out our concerns, issuses, etc. not a peep since he went back. That is not representation.
very sad state for nunavut.
the prime minister should come up so we could tell him our concerns, do a town hall.
what is nunavut if not Iqauit, Rankin and Cambay.?
chesterfield inlet, Pelly Bay and Kimmirut? would that make you happy?

#12. Posted by Kivallirmiut on January 10, 2017

#10 it wouldn’t cost so much if the Canadian government made an effort to stop the monopoly the airlines, internet, telephone (landline and cell service) and food industry has on the north. Providers of services to the north is very limited and policies and procedures will not allow other people to provide an affordable service to help make costs lower. It wouldn’t cost so much if the Canadian government took care of all it’s provinces and territories equally - start off with quality of life and cost of living. Take care of your own before you take care of others.

#13. Posted by Look past your fingers # 11 Betty on January 10, 2017

Answer # 11 with a question “would that make you unhappy”? If so, why?

#14. Posted by Atamo on January 10, 2017

They dont give a darn about the north

#15. Posted by IceClass on January 10, 2017


#16. Posted by Next stop, Kuujjuaq on January 11, 2017

No politician ever goes to any other community besides KUUJJUAQ.
It’s the only town with office buildings and more than two stores, the only place that eats up all Nunavik funds. . They don’t get to see the lives of real people. He’ll go there to reminisce his visit with his father when he was a child. MARK MY WORDS!!

#17. Posted by -35 on January 12, 2017

Guess it gives him and his family a chance to break out all the new Arctic designer clothes for photo ops.

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