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NEWS: Nunavik January 04, 2018 - 3:30 pm

Probe continues into shooting death of Nunavik man

David Sappa of Umiujaq killed Dec. 28 during police intervention

The Kativik Regional Police Force station in Umiujaq is pictured last summer. A local man, 22-year-old David Sappa, was shot and killed by KRPF officers in Umiujaq Dec. 28 after the man posed a safety threat to the community of 400. (FILE PHOTO)
The Kativik Regional Police Force station in Umiujaq is pictured last summer. A local man, 22-year-old David Sappa, was shot and killed by KRPF officers in Umiujaq Dec. 28 after the man posed a safety threat to the community of 400. (FILE PHOTO)

Quebec’s coroner’s office has identified the Nunavik man killed in a police intervention last week.

David Sappa, 22, was shot and killed by Kativik Regional Police Force officers in Umiujaq Dec. 28 after the man was alleged to have posed a safety threat to the community of about 400 people.

Quebec’s Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes, or BEI, which investigates incidents in which civilians are killed or injured by police, is probing the death with the help of Quebec provincial police, the Sûreté du Québec.

The BEI said KRPF officers were called to respond to a disturbance at Sappa’s home Dec. 28.

When the 22-year-old refused to cooperate with police, one officer returned to the local station to obtain an entry warrant.

During that time, Sappa is alleged to have left his home, armed with knives, while he made his way to the community centre where holiday activities were being held.

Police officers tried to prevent Sappa from entering the centre, the BEI said, but when the armed man turned towards police, officers shot him.

Sappa died that evening at the local health centre. His body was flown to Montreal for an autopsy.

BEI and SQ investigators arrived in the community Dec. 29 to look into the circumstances of the Sappa’s death and the police response to the incident.

The BEI said that anyone who witnessed this event should contact them on their website.

The BEI is currently investigating three other police-related deaths in communities along Nunavik’s Hudson coast.

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(11) Comments:

#1. Posted by Randlolph on January 04, 2018

The name didn’t surprise me.

#2. Posted by Alcoholica on January 05, 2018

Hey! Randolph you didn’t know this guy, he was a tough kid who had a hard life.  If you were in his shoes you had died a long time ago.  R.I.P David, I new you for just a little while but I felt I new you my whole life.😢

#3. Posted by jordan crow on January 05, 2018

i miss you uuti

#4. Posted by Dark Owl on January 05, 2018

It’s like angry and enraged people are walking the plank to certain death. Any object held is considered a deadly weapon if it is intended for harm. There was a time when brawls were considered explosively dangerous to the public or to those who are trying to prevent further harm. But no more…legalistic, logically (extra small letters) motivated enforcers are the “hey You! stop in the name of the law!” getting to be a real concern for the world it seems. Sad but true. why not hold a big stick to intimidate the people who are thinking harm so that they can think first before going ...

#5. Posted by Inuuqati on January 05, 2018

Was it necessary to shoot and kill? Wasn,t it better to shoot and wound not “kill”. I pray for those who are the family and close friends who for sure are hurting deep inside for what happened. Aalummi. Wish something would have been done better.

#6. Posted by Aunt on January 05, 2018

Why ?? Why didn’t they shoot him in the legs ?? Whyyyyyyy ??? I’ve always respected the police but now I have none for them. My nephew didn’t need to die like that. Why did the police shoot him when his dad and brother were watching ??? Why ??? Why didn’t they shoot him in the legs ??? He died before his time. I hope the police who shot him will go to jail. They murdered my nephew in front of the family and children. !!!!! :’(.

#7. Posted by Nunavimuik on January 05, 2018

Life is so sad in Nunavik , all these killings

#8. Posted by observer on January 06, 2018

It seems the officers of KRPF have the mind of James Bond 007, a license to ’ kill ‘, THEY SHOULD find a better solution to resolve a situation with knife holding individuals or even stick holders who have been shot & killed by panic-ing police officers. We had a situation here back in the mid-eighties where the SQ & top cnv were being shot at by two young angry men but one shot gun blast was enough to disarm one guy by hitting him on the arm without killing him, still alive today, fully reformed & recovered.

#9. Posted by Witness on January 07, 2018

He was endangering everybody and given many hours to surrender and give in. His poor father was following everywhere they went, trying to talk sense into him.  David was determined to be killed because he didn’t want to have to do it himself, considering his post on Facebook prior to the event, and daring the officers to go ahead and make it the best day of his life. He didn’t want to go back to prison because he was very violent there too and probably met bullies on his same level.  I can’t blame the police solely because he never received any support and counselling which should have come long time ago.  The police did everything they could and more.  Nobody helped to intervene except the father.

#10. Posted by John on January 07, 2018

Is that , what they call suicide by cop.

#11. Posted by Dangerous, where ever we look.. on January 10, 2018

As a friend of this guy, I knew he was violent and heading down a dark path. Trust me when I say that all of his friends were there trying to help him out of it. Actual professional help doesn’t exist in nunavik. Without it, this incident will have a ripple effect for generations to come. Along with every other shootings that lead to someone’s death. Not just from the police but the entirety of our regions insane and brutal ways. The cops treat us like dogs, and expect people to turn themselves in? And people committing crimes, resisting while attempting to be detained, expect they should be treated like anything more than a dog?

The government has given us tools to further destroy ourselves instead of giving us necessities to rebuild what dignity they took from us. Cops have to deal with it, too. That is why we see this happen. The ripple effect is still in play and people keep on adding to it, creating this sunami.

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