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NEWS: Iqaluit July 14, 2017 - 1:10 pm

Paving the way: Nunavut capital to mend Federal Road

Funding source unclear but City of Iqaluit issues RFP

Iqaluit's Federal Road, which will soon see increased traffic when the new airport terminal opens, is set to get a facelift. (FILE PHOTO)
Iqaluit's Federal Road, which will soon see increased traffic when the new airport terminal opens, is set to get a facelift. (FILE PHOTO)

Iqaluit’s disintegrating Federal Road may soon get a facelift now that city councillors have passed a motion to repave the busy industrial traffic corridor.

Following an in-camera meeting after a regular city council meeting, July 11, councillors briefly reconvened in a late-evening public session to pass the motion, which was put forward by deputy mayor Romeyn Stevenson.

The City of Iqaluit confirmed to Nunatsiaq News that an RFP—or request for proposals—would be issued by the city to pave Federal Road this summer.

City council will vote again to confirm the project when, and if, a successful bidder is selected.

Funding for the project has yet to be identified by the city, but a major paving project would not likely come from the city’s coffers.

The city has already committed money from its remaining Public Works fund to pay for repairs on the road to Apex.

That leaves possible funding from either the Government of Nunavut or the federal government—two targets identified in a recently released strategic plan as major sources for financial relief for the cash-strapped city.

The major road, which joins Iqaluit’s four corners intersection, is the main thoroughfare for traffic heading into Iqaluit’s industrial area.

Daily use by heavy equipment and other vehicles has left some parts of the road more dirt than asphalt with large swaths of the road missing and indistinguishable from the surrounding ditches.

And that road is about to get even busier with the opening of Iqaluit’s new airport terminal in August.

A proposed conference centre and residential development nearby will also draw more traffic.

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(7) Comments:

#1. Posted by Tired of waiting on July 14, 2017

I guess it takes a new airport to get a decent road to drive on.

#2. Posted by driver on July 14, 2017

An un-known beneficiary is going to pay to pave the road in Iqaluit just before the Territorial election.

Sounds like it just might be support for an incumbent.

And that same road is going to be destroyed after the election by the trucks that will be dumping tons of rock into the harbour for the new airport lights.

Open government - you have to love it.  But open to what and to whom?

As for the new building at the end of that road, it would make an excellent homeless shelter.  Even though it’s too small to meet the needs of all of Iqaluit’s homeless, it would be a great start.  It’s amazing what you can get for $400 million if you put your mind to it.

#3. Posted by Thank You on July 15, 2017

If anything can beat the unholy holes in the Apex Rd., this one - Federal Road can!

I have had my vehicle go into holes I thought I could never get out of!

My truck went from normal to absolutely weird-sounding in every way and is now ready for the loonie bin.

Don’t hold out any hope she will ever recover!

#4. Posted by Unik on July 17, 2017

Would this even be ready by the time the airport opens next month?

#5. Posted by Wannabe on July 17, 2017

As we have witnessed Northern Canada treated as foreign country by federal government. As if federal government enjoys having the north on leash, never really claiming it as part of the country. Examples are in nunavik is not so bad.

#6. Posted by Everything is kept secret on July 17, 2017

Oh remember those days when Gov and Iqaluit were singing a P3 airport will be so much cheaper. While making the foreign owner up to 24% if not more profit. 

Oh remember those days when told Federal road was not in the P3 contract and no one raised diddly.

Still waiting for Gov Nun to make public the true cost of the Iqaluit airport. How much paying per year and how much it can increase making sure foreign owner make their 24% profit margin?

Iqaluit council has a meeting then closes to have a private meeting. Immediately out of private meeting they put out contract to pave road because secret big-buck funding by Nunavut Gov or Feds.

What desperately needed projects/funding in other Nunavut communities will Gov. Nu. slash away because always pumping buck after buck into Iqaluit airport? Again how is a P3 cheaper when everything is kept secret?

Oh remember – hear P3’s. Run away, as fast as you can.

#7. Posted by Taxpayer on July 21, 2017

One question, why does the city of Iqaluit with its roadcrew not pave the roads in Iqaluit? The city would not need an expensive RFP instead pave from 830-5pm Monday-Friday from July to August each year.
That way we would have more paved roads without going through the expensive RFP.
Just like the steps needed in Toronto, it doesn’t need to be a 150,000 to build these steps but 550.
Same with the roads here.

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