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NEWS: Nunavut January 09, 2018 - 11:14 am

Nunavut RCMP need help cracking case of Rankin Inlet boy’s death

Ray Taparti Jr., 11, was found dead July 7 in an industrial area of the community

The Nunavut RCMP has issued another call for help with its investigation into the death of a Rankin Inlet boy, Ray Taparti Jr., 11, who was found dead July 7 in an industrial area of this community of about 2,800 people. (PHOTO BY SARAH ROGERS)
The Nunavut RCMP has issued another call for help with its investigation into the death of a Rankin Inlet boy, Ray Taparti Jr., 11, who was found dead July 7 in an industrial area of this community of about 2,800 people. (PHOTO BY SARAH ROGERS)

Nunavut’s RCMP is renewing its call for help from anyone with information about the death of an 11-year-old Rankin Inlet boy last summer.

Ray Tapart Jr., also known as “OJ,” was reported missing in early July and later found dead July 7 in an industrial area of the community.

At the time, police called his death suspicious. Following an autopsy, the Nunavut RCMP treated the death as a homicide and put out a public call for information about Taparti’s death.

The RCMP issued a new call “for public assistance for any information relating to this death” in a news release on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

Reliable community sources have told Nunatsiaq News that a youth had been brought into the detachment for questioning about the death, but had later been released.

If you have information about this investigation, contact the Nunavut Major Crime Unit toll free at 1-844-370-7729 or if you want to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), submit a secure web tip or text ‘NWTNUTIPS’ plus your message to 274637(CRIMES). You do not have to reveal your identity to Crime Stoppers.

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(21) Comments:

#1. Posted by Prayers on January 09, 2018

Dear almighty Jesus,

Thank you for allowing me to wake up to a brand new day. I call your name this morning in my prayer to help the police find the rightful person who has done wrong to this young innocent boy. Help bring peace and comfort to his family who are physically here on your earth. Only you Jesus Christ can bring this to and end and help us all. You have all the power. Thank you Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the holy spirit I pray to the good almighty Jesus, AMEN!!

#2. Posted by Concerned citizen on January 09, 2018

How can this be so hard to solve? 11 years old and he was murdered. Investigation occurred but not enough evidence? Like what the hay? Serious offence and it can’t be solved… very very sad.

#3. Posted by Sad on January 09, 2018

This is sad.
11 is very young. Was he murdered? was it a freak accident and those involved are afraid to come forward.
Someone knows something. Have they followed up on rumors. Guilty people usually vent it to someone, especially when they are drunk. Speak up. this is someones son.

#4. Posted by Little friend's grandmother on January 09, 2018

So very sad that someone knows something but is withholding the information….WHY? can you stand to watch and hear how the family is tortured with the death and not knowing who or why someone did this to their child….WHY?...if this is getting stalemated perhaps it’s time to call on some other outside investigators to get this solved…This is not possible in a small community of 2800 people….if crimes in cities of 500,000 people can be solved in days/weeks/months…then why not this?

#5. Posted by Robin on January 09, 2018

If this was down south. And it was homicide. They be done by now. Looks like no one is investigating…thatd my little cousin

#6. Posted by Harry on January 09, 2018

I grew up in Rankin Inlet and it was fun and great to be there… but I`m listening to a song (Grenade) Bruno Mars at this time.

And someone is living this lifestyle now, dark, devilish and a very dark painful secret and threw/ended Ray Taparti Jr.(OJ`s) life away!

My Condolences to the Taparti Family!

#7. Posted by Lie Detector Tests on January 09, 2018

With only about 8,000 people in the community, I think it is time for the RCMP to start asking a questionnaire with lie detector test.
Start with the schools & go from there.
Maybe that can narrow down some suspicious people?

Prayers to the family. Naglingnamiik.

#8. Posted by Observer on January 09, 2018

#7, lie detector tests are inadmissible because lie detectors are unreliable. It’s just as likely someone will fail a test and cause a pointless investigation looking at them as it is someone involved will pass the test.

#9. Posted by Vince on January 09, 2018

Somebody knows something….

#10. Posted by Bill Gawor on January 10, 2018

How about offering a cash reward? Is it with in the law to organize such an effort of offering a reward for a tip leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the death of OJ?
Bill Gawor

#11. Posted by Mariner on January 10, 2018

@#7- 8,000 people in the community? Don’t think so. Maybe Iqaluit.

#12. Posted by dudley do right on January 10, 2018

Find out what you can of the company he kept. Who were the people that saw him last. did the young boy have enemies? Is there a bully in the area known for picking on younger smaller children.

#13. Posted by Tiguaq on January 10, 2018

Holy cow, this is crazy I feel for the parents, and also for the community. Very nice prayer #1 and AMEN to your post. this is a very big heart breaker for the family who are suffering, the friends and community of Rankin Inlet. may god help lead the cops & investigators in the right direction to convict who is responsible for this. what a crying shame :(

#14. Posted by uvaga on January 10, 2018

big time shame on those people who knows, the Lord will punish as the little guy is innocent, he suffered in pain and no one helped, shame on the parent’s for sure they know but just getting their kids get away.

#15. Posted by Not Me on January 10, 2018

Some people probably know, but are afraid of retribution from the family or families of whoever killed the boy.

How do you deal with that in a small town?

#16. Posted by Paul Murphy on January 11, 2018

I agree with “Not me”. It must be very difficult for the family and they have my condolences. Some one in Rankin has information though that would help the RCMP in their investigation. One cannot put the blame on the RCMP as they need facts before the crown can lay charges. One or more residents of Rankin are withholding information and have a responsibility to the family and their community to report it. You can do this without being identified as well by calling Crimestoppers. Every bit of information helps to solve this case. C’mon people do what is right.

#17. Posted by Nunavut man on January 11, 2018

I disagree with #6 Mr. Gawor that a reward for information would help.

I know that you mean well, Mr. Gawor, but if there is a reward, there is a danger that people will come forward with false information just so they can claim the money.

This is a very sad situation. There are people in Rankin Inlet who know what happened and they are not coming forward.

I think one factor is all the hatred and fear in our community. The sad thing about Rankin is everybody puts their own family first but few people put the community first. On this one, there is a family or families who are protecting somebody who did a serious crime.

This teaches the young people of the community that you can kill somebody and get away with it, a very sad situation.

#18. Posted by uvaga on January 11, 2018

some might not read, some might not listen to radio, how else can this news be spread? to let them know who to contact if they know something.

#19. Posted by Tiguaq on January 11, 2018

Being a parent in this town is now become scary I cant imagine the pain the parents are going through. rumors are flying around town what was done to this poor boy, but no news only this. maybe if maybe I don’t know, if the town/cops special forensic team can have a town meeting to say all what happened to this poor boy maybe someone will come and say something. this is not right kids cant be scared to be kids in a community of 2800 people. I keep reading #1’s post and keep saying AMEN each time. justice needs to be served and I hope when it does it is not just a 7-10 year out in 5 year B.S I can only hope someone will slip and say something.

#20. Posted by Sad!!! on January 11, 2018

This is so sad to see, sad to hear, OJ’s poor family and friends need to let their son, brother, friend, classmate rest in peace.

#1, Amen to your prayer, that was nice to read and say.

Shame on someone for doing this to a child, could you imagine if this was your family member? your brother? your cousin? So hurtful.

If anyone knows anything, they shouldn’t be afraid, they should go to the RCMP, if you’re scared something will happen to you or your family, the RCMP have every right to protect you.
<3 <3

My deepest condolence to Taparti family, I hope you one day find peace in your heart.

#21. Posted by Marianna on January 14, 2018

The way I can help is ask shaman person from Rankin to see if they can see a shadow next to that person then if no shadow next to this person it’s mean they did some really bad ... A shaman help with this community too seeing if they’re a shadow next to this person..only this one person had no shadow…and few day later this person went to jail. this person with no shadow and it was this person did the killing
Shaman knows too

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