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NEWS: Nunavut May 05, 2014 - 3:59 pm

Nunasi-owned Larga Baffin boarding home gets new president

Lynn Kilabuk to oversee facility's operations

Nunasi and Qikiqtani Corps have named Lynn Kilabuk as Larga Baffin's new president. (FILE PHOTO)
Nunasi and Qikiqtani Corps have named Lynn Kilabuk as Larga Baffin's new president. (FILE PHOTO)

Larga Baffin, the Ottawa-based medical boarding home for patients from eastern Nunavut, has a new president: Lynn Kilabuk.

Kilabuk was appointed to the position by Nunasi Corp. and Qikiqtaaluk Corp., who jointly own the facility, Nunasi said in a May 5 release.

Kilabuk had served as QC’s vice-president since 2006.

“Her experience and familiarity with the operations and the region are an asset for the company and our clients.” said QC. chair Levi Barnabas in the release.

As the new president of Larga Baffin, Kilabuk will be responsible for overseeing operations at the boarding home, which provides lodging, meals and transportation in Ottawa for patients and escorts from the 13 communities of the Baffin region.

“It is crucial that the president of Larga Baffin is able to effectively manage the business operations as well as know and be able to communicate with and for its clients,” said Nunasi Corp. chair Okalik Eegeesiak.

“We know Lynn will ensure the operations will be at the best level possible for Inuit travelling to Ottawa for medical appointments.”

Despite an expansion to the facility in 2009, Larga Baffin is often at full capacity, sending additional boarders to stay at a nearby Travelodge hotel.

Larga Baffin doesn’t keep statistics on the number of individual patients who stay there, but the residence tracked 28,000 bed nights in 2011, a number that management says will continue to grow.


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