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NEWS: Iqaluit July 15, 2014 - 4:07 pm

Iqaluit asks residents to separate cardboard from household garbage

More separation requests could come later, public works manager says

To help the city cope with managing Iqaluit's longterm dump fire, city officials ask residents to immediately start separating cardboard from the rest of their household garbage. (FILE PHOTO)
To help the city cope with managing Iqaluit's longterm dump fire, city officials ask residents to immediately start separating cardboard from the rest of their household garbage. (FILE PHOTO)

As the city’s perpetual dump fire continues to smoulder, the City of Iqaluit wants residents to start separating cardboard from the rest of their household garbage immediately.

“If possible, cardboard paper should be put in a blue bag or bundled up and tied to keep from spreading around town,” a city public service announcement said July 15.

Joe Brown, the city’s superintendent for operations in the public works department, said the city had “conversations” this morning with Arctic Ventures Marketplace about having them start stocking blue garbage bags.

He also said they will talk to other retailers about the same idea.

In the meantime, he said residents can tie their separated waste cardboard into bundles and leave it in their garbage box for crews to pick up.

As of July 28, the city will start doing garbage pick-ups once a week. They will collect separated cardboard on the next pick-up date.

And there may be more garbage separation requests in the future, Brown said.

“Plastics are going to come later,” he said.

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(14) Comments:

#1. Posted by madman on July 15, 2014

So much for the solid waste plan that the city approved, gonna away from it. Should have had a reuse center composting and an incinerator. Nothing like that is being mentioned now. How things change. And they still don’t know how to put the thing out.

SAD gotta look at moving away to a place that make some sense.

#2. Posted by Tony on July 15, 2014

This is a good idea, but the exertion from tying up my cardboard with the strain on my heart and lungs from the smoke may just do me in….jk…my real question is what are they going to do with all this cardboard?

#3. Posted by Hey Presto! on July 15, 2014

#2 maybe, presto logs? wink

They do this in my hometown in the south, except all recyclables have to go into a blue bag.

It’s a good start, regardless

#4. Posted by Fed up on July 15, 2014

Agree with poster #1.

Everything in Iqaluit is reactive, never proactive. Jim Little has been advocating composting for years and no one at the city listened. Just now a light has gone off in someones head that we should be separating our garbage. Tired of the same old BS cop-out excuse that something can’t be done because its the north.

#5. Posted by Intellectual Bum on July 15, 2014

Is this a recycling program? Are we, the citizens, expected to pay $2, $5, $10 for these blue bags.  Plastics are next? When? Will we need to purchase red bags?

Do not get me wrong.  ANY recycling initiative from the City is long overdue.  This just seems like a knee-jerk reaction to dumpcano, not fully thought out.  I do not know if the City has a Director of Communications- but Iqaluit is doing an awful job on messaging.

#6. Posted by More Trash? on July 15, 2014

So now instead of putting my large cardboard in the trash bins by itself, I will have to put it inside blue bags, thus creating more trash (in the form of the bag) than I had in the first place? That makes no sense.
Oh and how exactly is this all going to work in apartment buildings?

#7. Posted by Common sense on July 16, 2014

Post #6 if it’s too big for the blue bags just tie it together and place it in the bin. If you don’t want to buy blue bags… DON’T! Just tie it together so it doens’t blow around. Geez way is it hard for you to just TRY and do your part. At least something has been started.

#8. Posted by Cardboard User on July 16, 2014

Seeing as most Inuit keep and user their cardboard for Inuksiut are we supposed to put the dirty cardboard in the bluebag or is it now garbage? This seems like a plan that will not work as I am not going to clean my cardboard after using it as my plate.

#9. Posted by Wow on July 16, 2014

I just tried to take some garbage to the dump I was told at the gate I could drop of the garbage there but had go back up the road to drop off my wood. Not a huge inconvenience but some notification would have been nice. Now I am wondering where I will have to take the cardboard after the 28th. Taking the garbage out might be quite an adventure. My concern now is we have a spot for garbage then a spot for wood then a spot for cardboard which one will catch fire next, and will the fire department be able to put it unlike the fire that is going now.

#10. Posted by realnortherner on July 16, 2014

Something more specific would be helpful. Does cardboard include tetra packs? What about dirty cardboard, like milk cartons? What about pressed cardboard, like egg cartons? Also, why only cardboard? Other landfills have all paper products separated, like newspapers. Can we not just use bins if we have them?
I wish they would take the time and institute a program properly, and not one with holes all over it, like the hastily paved roads. Some proper communication would be nice.

#11. Posted by arctic guy on July 16, 2014

To Little To Late ,, To Late To Little ,, if the town and the clowns would of let Jim Little do his thing 8 or 10 years ago none of this would be Happining ,, it would all be under control and we would of been that much further   ahead .. way ahead ,, as it sits now were jst a pile of smoldering crap with no re-use,re-cycle,or re- composte or re- anything going on ,,, I say re-hire all new town officials starting at the Top ,,,,

#12. Posted by Timing on July 16, 2014

To #11 not only Jim’s direction the city was looking at an incinerator, so what wasn’t composted or otherwise diverted would have been reduced to ash again no smoldering pile of crap, no new sights of crap like they are doing now. The city’s solution makes sense to divert but have they thought about where they are putting this stuff instead of a large pile of mixed crap we will have a small piles in every corner of the town. And another thing they want cardboard separated they haven’t said what the are going to do with it. They claim to have no money (other than $40 mill for a pool) are they gonna spend money to send out the cardboard? It will be stored on yet another site around town till it burns.

#13. Posted by arctic guy on July 17, 2014

To # 12 I know that,, and one of the many ideas Jim Little had long befor that ,, and one of them was to make fire logs from the different types of cardboards ,  pallets,woods ,papers and paper products including the 15,000 copies of Nunatsiaq news Iqaluit gets a year wt a waste of paper and these fire logs believe it or not probably could of heated city hall for the last 9 years ,,,,  now that’s enginnuity ,,, or engineering ,,

#14. Posted by Lift and Seperate on July 18, 2014


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