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NEWS: Nunavik December 07, 2017 - 1:10 pm

Five Nunavik Inuit running for Makivik president

Incumbent president Jobie Tukkiapik will seek third term

Makivik’s incumbent president, Jobie Tukkiapik, who was first elected to the role in 2012, is running for a third term. (FILE PHOTO)
Makivik’s incumbent president, Jobie Tukkiapik, who was first elected to the role in 2012, is running for a third term. (FILE PHOTO)

Five Nunavik Inuit will vie for the top job at the region’s Makivik Corp. on Jan. 18.

Nominations for the role of president closed Dec. 1.

Makivik’s incumbent president, Jobie Tukkiapik, who was first elected to the role in 2012, is running for a third term.

Other candidates include:

• Charlie Watt Sr. (Kuujjuaq) a senator and founding president of Makivik.

• Lucy Grey (Kangirsuk) who used to work with Makivik’s justice program and, more recently, as director of the Makitautik centre in Kangirsuk.

• Alasie Arngak (Kangiqsujuaq) a former chairperson of the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services.

• Jackie Williams (Inukjuak).

The Inuit birthright organization staggers the elections of its five executive positions—the president is the only position up for election in 2018 and carries a three-year term.

Nunavimmiut can vote on Jan. 18 from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. at polling stations set up in Nunavik’s northern village or landholding offices, while Nunavik Inuit in Montreal can vote at Makivik’s southern office at 1111 Dr. Fredrik-Philips Boulevard.

Nunavimmiut can cast ballots in those same locations at advance polls set up Jan. 12 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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(25) Comments:

#1. Posted by proofread on December 07, 2017

*Five Nunavik Inuks running for Makivvik President.

#2. Posted by Isabelle on December 07, 2017

Who is comment number 1 . 😂 .. inuks 😂😂😂😂 sorry but it really is 5 Inuit. Calm down with your proofreading ways you’re not doing it right.

Aah what a good laugh.😂

This is a very interesting year for Makivik! I can’t wait to hear their campaign! We got really amazing people running for president eeyay!

#3. Posted by Mr president on December 07, 2017

Interesting. Jobie is doing an excellent job. He’s smart, he’s caring, he’s in it for inuit. Don’t missed the days when presidents used to go on and on with a radio interview, only to be saying nothing over and over. Jobie says much less, but achieves much more. Charlie is a smart man too, in it for inuit all the way. I’m tossed between Jobie and Charlie. Not too interested in the other candidates my self. I know it will be Jobie or Charlie, and I’m waiting to hear from them as the campaign goes on.

#4. Posted by Absentee Landlord on December 07, 2017

For Poster #3, I agree that Jobie is quiet but thats because he’s away from work most of the time! Try reaching him at the office if you want more proof. If it wasn’t for Adamie A. and other hard workers, not much would get done behind the public handshakes. Yes, let the best candidate win, but make sure it’s someone who wants to really work and not let the bigshot non-benificaries run the show.

#5. Posted by Arctic on December 07, 2017

I agree that Makivik is fortunate to have quality candidates running for President.  Jobie Tukkiapik and Senator Charlie Watt are definitely accomplished individuals.  Jobie has always struck me as being a really caring and thoughtful leader.  I like his style.  Not flashy by any means but definitely someone who works hard and is accessible to the people.  Senator Watt has contributed so much to Nunavik. 

I will support Jobie.  In the end, Senator Watt still has until the middle of 2019 in the Senate so whether or not he becomes Makivik President, he will have an office where he can work for the interests of the people if he decides to do so.  I think Jobie has done an excellent job and I would like to see him continue.

#6. Posted by Big shot on December 08, 2017

Sometimes behind the scenes are the best way to run the best show. I think Jobie knows how to direct that in the most effective way. If even non beneficiaries are directed to work more effective for inuit, that’s an accomplishment. On the end of the day, we have more done , with more saved in not paid out bonuses. And remember the old group from the not some many years ago, and was self serving.

#7. Posted by Voter on December 08, 2017

For too many years Makivvik has been moving towards a role that is not pioneering.
It has become just a -lobby group-, boxed in.
Makivvik needs to come back as a mover and a shaker. Otherwise die,to be a manager of beneficiary funds.
I’m glad Makivvik BOD are out of the double dipping business with the creation their development corporation, and getting out of their subsidiary boards. Funny only when the double dippers made enough to buy their homes, they finally made this long overdue neccessity.
I’m expecting a mover and a shaker to take the helm of Makivvik this time around.

#8. Posted by Arctic on December 08, 2017

#6 and #7.  Good points and a good reminder about the financial bonuses paid out in the past. 

Jobie seems to have fixed that and hopefully now with the new corporation that they put up, that bonus culture is gone for good.

While I really respect Senator Watt, I am also concerned about what happened in the past and that is what bothers me the most.  I still remember when he ran against Simionie and all the really bad stuff that came out back then.  Like the million dollar house in Dorval and all the money.  It was always money, money, money!  Now he’s still in the Senate until 2019 so I’m concerned that he wants to get paid twice - as a Senator (which our taxes pay for) and as President of Makivik (which our Makivik funds pay for).  I really respect Charlie Watt but can he really do two jobs at the same time (and get paid for both)?

#9. Posted by Voter on December 08, 2017

Makivvik is not a municipal body, and it should not act as if it is.
I want a leader who can immediately realize an intiative taken by another organization as another step towards self-government within the existing frames than a few years later. Such example is the school board demanding to go directly to the Quebec Treasury for funding needs instead of going through the Ministry of Education. This is mentioned in the JBNQA.

As for Charlie, I dont know if he would be paid as Senator at the same time. Would he not have to resign from his seat at the senate? I think so. If that is not the case, I would not want to have public or private servant in a leadership role being paid for work that they’re not doing. When Mr. Tukkiapik was KRG D.G. it was implied that Ms. Parizeau and Mr. Lance did the heavy work for him. Where are his two former Assistant Director Generals now?

#10. Posted by Hmmm... on December 08, 2017

Is this turning out to be Liberals vs PQ? I don’t want the rest of Qc to think that Nunavimmiut are separatists… Also want transparency where its known that Liberals were never really clear on anything. i.e.; UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights, campaign donations, expense claims… Indian Act amendments

#11. Posted by Bonus round over? on December 08, 2017

If you think bonuses are a thing of the past, think again. Lets hear our leader go on the record to say that he never received a bonus. Likewise for the top few non-beneficiary employees who also received big bonuses.

#12. Posted by Go Jack Go on December 08, 2017

just like habs go habs go I say go Jackie go!

#13. Posted by Mssr Measure on December 08, 2017

As a late signatory of the JBNQA had said within the lands of the Quebec Inuit territory the orgs, Makivik and the LHCs are able to allow roads/trails to be built. When you run on to category 3 lands and where other governments have the final say (you can correctly guess) it is tenfold more difficult to have roads and trails bulldozed and more likely it is a no-go, auka. Beneficiaries and especially the youth can/ought to be involved in those orgs and learn and grow with experience, they too can become good and capable leaders. In a horse race (if I were a betting person) I would bet on a dark horse.

#14. Posted by Arctic on December 08, 2017


I can’t see why Senator Watt would resign to become President of Makivik.  He is a Senator until 2019 and he didn’t resign before when he was President of Makivik.  That is my point.  You can’t do two fulltime jobs at the same time.

Regarding self-government, I think that should definitely be the objective but let’s also not forget that it was defeated in a vote the last time it was attempted.  I think Nunavimiut are looking for something more concrete. In the meantime, we need a strong Makivik to ensure our interests are protected.

#15. Posted by Voter on December 08, 2017

Mr. Watt should pledge that he will resign if elected.
I agree with you completely that Nunavik wants something more concrete when it comes to self-government.
During that time of the proposal for a regional government; the all the living signatories except for one came out against the proposal. Those signatories, Mr. Watt included stood up with the majority of Nunavik. There was not a peep from Mr. Tukkiapik, understandably so do to being a Director General for KRG back then; an apolitical position.
It seems like I’m defending Mr. Watt, this was never the intention. I just advocated for a mover and a shaker this time around. Everyone has a good chance to be the next leader, Lucy Grey, Jackie Williams, and Alasie, each of them have potential, but it will be up to Nunavik to decide who has the greatest potential.

#16. Posted by Arctic on December 09, 2017


Let’s see what Senator Watt says about resigning. I don’t think he will but he should be asked that question and we are entitled to know whether he plans to be both a Senator and Makivik President and receive two full time salaries at the same time.  That is why people everywhere lose faith in politicians.  Again, I admire and respect Senator Watt but you can’t do two full time jobs at once.

I am not as familiar with the work of the other three candidates as I am with Senator Watt and Mr Tukkiapik but having seen what dark horses have done in other elections, I think that the best thing for beneficiaries and Makivik is experience and stability.  There are far too many challenges right now for a dark horse.  But that’s just my opinion.  This is a democracy so hopefully the voters will make their choice wisely.

#17. Posted by Trying to help on December 09, 2017

Just to clarify something, a senator can hold positions other than just that of senator. It’s listed as part of the Conflict of Interest Code for Senators that they can be directors of corporations, as well as Senators. They just have to disclose their income (meaning showing that he is paid to be a director)
Besides, thanks to Charlie Watt we have JBNQA and Makivik. If there is anyone who deserves and would do good in that position, it’s him.
As both a Senator, and as president of Makivik, he could do a whole lot of good for all of Nunavik - namely being even more in touch with the issues and being able to bring them to the Senate. Yes, maybe changes wouldn’t happen instantly, and yes perhaps schedules would need to change to permit him to attend all meetings and functions, but with Montreal and Ottawa being so close together he would be perfectly fitted for both jobs.
Personally I’d prefer him to be the president, but as we live in a democratic society, the people will decide.

#18. Posted by Voter on December 10, 2017

Eligible voter here.  Makivik corporation is the largest oranization in Nunavik, yet hardly any offices in Nunavik.

The “executives” all they do is travel;  from my point of view. 

As far as I heard Mr. Senate will not be seated as senator once elected as Mr. President.  He’s way too good to be a politician,he talks from A to Z clearly and accurately.  He understands everything politically!

And for Mr. Tukkiapik , he’s actually very good in his seat.
Lucy Grey, I don’t think so
Aladje Arngak; has misuse of credit cards belong to NRBHSS
Jackie William; no political exeperience over 50 year old if you are curious.

#19. Posted by Elector on December 10, 2017

I’m a voter too and I’m with Jobie.  I’ve seen and heard enough that I feel I can make an informed decision to support Jobie’s campaign.  I still haven’t forgotten the house we Inuit bought for Charlie Watt when he was last President of Makivik and I agree with the others here that you can’t double dip and work both as a fulltime Senator and a fulltime Prez of Makivik and receive a fulltime salary and benefits.  Jobie is my candidate but l am just one vote and I hope everyone participates.

#20. Posted by Voter 7,9 & 15 on December 11, 2017

Voter 18 is a different person.

Makivvik is not the largest organization. It has the largest influence though.

Watt - Original Idle No More.
Tukkiapik - Has a hand that feeds him.
Grey - Intelligent, no experience.
Williams - No experience.

#21. Posted by John Phillips on December 11, 2017

Why is already a 2 person race? Why not wait until what the platform will be for all to see? Maybe fresh ideas is what’s needed? It only just begun.

#22. Posted by Victor on December 11, 2017

Looks like a lot of non-beneficiaries posting anonymously, hoping to sure up their mentors spot, so as not to lose their high paying positions “looking after” Inuit.

#23. Posted by Who? on December 11, 2017

they are all running let them all talk, just wish everybody who is eligable to vote , votes.

#24. Posted by alwaysfeelingleft-out on December 11, 2017

Mr.Senator has political contacts in an area which Nunavimmiu really need and will be needing in the future. I think Mr. Watt is more ready to be Mr President of Makivvik, after all,he has been eyeing Nunavik of all the problems that could use amendments all along while he had been sitting at his Senate seat. Also, Makivvik (Jobie T.)now has 7 lawyers who are paid in millions of Nunavik money. I do not know what use they have for a regular person like me. let us back newly electees to fix Nunavik issues. No more corruption from bottom to top. Make sure you will go vote if you don’t want to cry at the end.

#25. Posted by True Inuk on December 11, 2017

#24 - If Mr.Senator has political contacts what good has that done for ordinary Inuit so far? It is a real question for me. I saw him a couple of weeks at Montreal airport and he was very nice person but I don’t know what his political contacts will bring for us that he doesn’t bring for us already as our Senator for Nunavik. Do you mean if he became Makivik president on top of being a political man he will do more? If he cant deliver as our Senat member what can being both President and Senator do?

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