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NEWS: Nunavut October 26, 2017 - 2:29 pm

Canadian North resumes mid-week flights to Kitikmeot

Wednesday return flights between Yellowknife and Cambridge Bay re-launch Nov. 15

Canadian North said it will re-introduce its Wednesday flights from Yellowknife to Cambridge Bay next month after a hiatus. (PHOTO COURTESY OF CANADIAN NORTH)
Canadian North said it will re-introduce its Wednesday flights from Yellowknife to Cambridge Bay next month after a hiatus. (PHOTO COURTESY OF CANADIAN NORTH)

Canadian North says it will re-introduce its Wednesday flights to the Kitikmeot region next month.

Starting Nov. 15, the airline will resume its return flights between Yellowknife and Cambridge Bay, with stops in Gjoa Haven and Taloyoak.

The added flight is in response to a “strong demand” for both passenger and cargo service in the region, the airline said in an Oct. 25 release.

“Canadian North is committed to offering the right mix of passenger and cargo capacity with our versatile Bombardier Dash 8-100 Combi and Boeing 737-200 Combi aircraft,” said Peter McCart, the airline’s senior vice-president, commercial.

Canadian North revamped its schedule of flights throughout Nunavut earlier this year as its merger with First Air came to an end in May 2017.

Part of that tweaking meant the cancellation of certain routes, including its regular service to Clyde River.

More recently, the airline has had to cope with the loss of the Arctic Co-operatives Ltd. air cargo contracts for the Kitikmeot and Baffin regions.

By resuming its Wednesday flights into Cambridge Bay, the airline will again have a daily presence in the region.

Passengers can now book with the revised schedule online at or by calling 1-800-661-1505.

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(4) Comments:

#1. Posted by Simon Qingnaqtuq on October 26, 2017

Will that’s good to hear. Hope they “Canadian North” will start extra flights after cancelling their flight the day after like First Air this way passengers get home a alot faster than spending more on hotel bills.

#2. Posted by paul f. maloney on October 26, 2017

I am Paul Maloney the son of mortal man Bern who got me a job with the ship to shore operations in 1970 as a cooks helper.Befoore taking up employment in the North .I had to take this Oat to the prime minister of Canadas office that oat was sworn by me on June 27,1970 that oat stated to notify the PM of anything i might see or hear which might affect Canada and to have non native commitment well we had a French cook Surge who had broken the oat of non native commitment on 4 occasions for he had taken natives to bed with him he insisted i do the same thing i took a girl by the name of Jean to bed and she got pregnant giving me a son by the name of Joey help me find her and my son

#3. Posted by thanks on October 26, 2017

Thank you guys for coming back to our community more often. I am sick and tired of using First air.

#4. Posted by Christopher Amautinuar on October 27, 2017

The Canadian North flights and the scheduling is great in our Kitikmeot Region.  However, Canadian North Airline should upgrade their Dash 8-100 to ATR Aircraft if they’re going to service Kitikmeot Region with passengers, cargo, and now servicing Canada Post Mails to our communities in the region. It would be nice to have upgraded aircraft from Dash8-100 to ATR or even Bpeing 737-200.  It would be great change of an aircraft.

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