October 19, 2001
Bright ideas

Nakasuk students put the scientific method to work on a small scale


Grade 4 and 5 students at Iqaluit's Nakasuk Elementary School put their imaginations to work and wowed the public Friday with their inventions.

School principal Michael Luedicke said he was impressed with the event.

"Usually this kind of experience is something I'm used to seeing much later in a school year," he said.

"The kind of work the students had to do involved many of the same skills except on a much smaller scale than would be involved in a science fair and using the scientific method."

Students could create whatever they wanted, within safety guidelines, using their choice of medium, he explained.

"Virtually every single parent and guardian who had a child involved came," he said. "Parental support is what's really important in a child's education."