February 18, 2000

Selected music from Pang festival now on CD

Thanks to the efforts of Iqaluit sound man Dave Boileau, Nunavummiut can relive Pangnirtung's 1999 music festival.

Nunatsiaq News

IQALUIT — If you were unable to attend the Pangnirtung Music Festival last summer, there's no need to worry — a compact disc has been just released, featuring some of the great Inuit music that was performed there this summer.

The music of many well-known performers, such as Simeonie Keenainak, have been collected in a new CD compiled by Iqaluit sound man Dave Boileau.

Iqaluit resident Dave Boileau has just produced a compact disc of music he recorded at the festival. Boileau was the sound man for the festival, which took place in Pangnirtung from July 30 to Aug. 1 1999.

Dave's intention in the beginning was just to record the whole music festival for himself as a keepsake.

"[But] when I got back and listened to it, I realized that I had enough material to make a compact disc," Boileau said.

The Pangnirtung music festival committee helped finance the compact disc,covering production costs, the cost of the insert cover the compact disc, and the compact disc trays. Other costs incurred in the making of the compact disc came out of Boileau's pocket.

"There was a great emotional high," Boileau said. With performers ranging from as young as 12-year-old Elena Qiyuqtaq, to accordian players such as Simeonie Keenainak and Zeebeede Nunagaq, there was a variety of young and old people having a good time at the festival, Boileau said.

"I spent most of the my time just listening to the recordings," Boileau said. "It was a challenge to mix the sound for each new performer. They would have different guitars and different instruments, so sound and vocals would need new settings."

It took Dave hours to decide what to put on the compact disc from the 12 hours of music he had recorded.

It took seven months for Boileau to get to the finished product from the time first he decided to do the compact disc. Boileau used the logo from the Pangnirtung music festival of 1999 on the front of the compact disc.

The Pangnirtung music festival committee held a contest for a logo in the spring of 1999, William Kilabuk submitted his logo and won a cash prize, said Julia Tautuajuk vice chair of the Pangnirtung music committee. Another contest was held for the students of Attagoyuk Ilisavik, for the colors shown on Boileau's newly released compact disc.

If you would like to purchase this new compact disc, it's available at Northmart in Iqaluit, and at the Radio Shack store located in Arctic Ventures, also in Iqaluit.

You may also send requests by mail to either one of the two addresses. For money orders to the Pangnirtung address, please add $5.00 shipping and handling charges.

Dave Boileau
P.O. Box 1091
Iqaluit NU

Julia Tautuajuk
P.O. Box 475
Pangnirtung, NU